The Golden Castle

Emotional Release and Reprogramming

The goal with this meditation is to ‘release’ all the negativity (baggage or garbage) of your lifetime (known and usually unknown) and move forward in a totally positive direction!

Download The Golden Castle meditation below. Use the meditation at least twice daily, (in bed, at bedtime and upon awakening) and during the day if possible. This has a conditioning effect so more is better.

The space where you do this must be quiet and comfortable. Make sure you won’t be interrupted.

Quiet your mind and listen to the meditation. Focus on what is being said. If you find that your mind is wondering, simply bring it back to what’s being said in the meditation. 

Listen carefully to the instructions in the meditation – in the releasing process, do NOT try to identify what you feel you need to release; you need to instruct your subconscious to release whatever IT knows needs releasing from your entire lifetime, at your very beginning, whatever this means to you. 

Imagine only the black cloud (or whatever is gross to you) as representing the negativity that needs releasing from the heart. This is very important, do not focus on the negatives (thereby creating and/or reinforcing new neurons in the brain cells) but simply allow the subconscious mind to release the entire negative emotions, known and unknown, (the foundation of which may have started at the point of conception or birth, according to one’s beliefs).

Once the releasing has been completed, the meditation will guide you through a reprogramming process. If you are able to stay awake during the meditation, IMAGINE everything that is described to you. 

Listening to this 22 minute meditation is the equivalent of getting 2 hours of restful sleep. That means that it’s energizing so it’s a GREAT addition to a stressful day. 

IMPORTANT – whatever you are focusing on will not be released. For instance, if you have been remembering and thinking about a situation from the past where someone was mean or hurtful to you OR a trauma was caused, your subconscious mind cannot release that emotional garbage because it’s currently being thought about by your conscious mind. For this reason, it’s important to stop thinking about and mulling over the negative garbage so that your subconscious mind can access and release it. 

That is easier said than done! Using the Aroma Freedom Reset technique daily can help. The Aroma Freedom techniques release emotional garbage from your conscious mind so your subconscious mind can let go of it once and for all.

Adding Essential Oils to The Golden Castle

Using essential oils will enhance this process. I only recommend the Young Living brand because of their Seed to Seal promise. 

It is not a good idea to stop the meditation and apply the essential oils at a specific time, therefore, you will apply the essential oils before you begin the meditation.

Start by applying 3 to 6 drops of Valor* to the feet and to the top of the shoulders; cup hands together and inhale. (*Valor II, Clarity or Grounding can be substituted)

Next, apply Surrender to your neck up near the hair line where there is a dip or indentation in the skin.  

Now, apply Release on the liver OR Forgiveness clockwise around the navel OR Inner Child under the nose and around the navel.

Then, apply En-R-Gee over the heart, Envision across the forehead, Abundance to the wrists and White Angelica to the crown and tops of both shoulders. 

ENJOY the meditation as you gently inhale the aroma of the essential oils. Once you’ve completed the meditation, if you’re still awake, apply whichever essential oil you’d like and be present with yourself for a few minutes before either drifting off to sleep or getting into your day.

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