Emotional Garbage

Your emotional state impacts your physical state in ways you’ve probably never imagined. For instance, think back to the first time one of your parents yelled at you. Bring back as much of that moment as you can.

How did that leave you feeling about yourself?

What did that encounter teach you about yourself?

Did you get a chance to express how you were feeling?

Did you get a chance to resolve that emotional situation at that moment in time?

Most of us were taught to “shut up and listen” with very few opportunities to really discuss what happened and find understanding of why we were yelled at for what we did. Children are – in far too many cases – taught to “shut up and listen” while never being given an opportunity to speak their minds, to share their thoughts, and to be part of the discussion. Then, the child grows up and repeats the cycle with their own kids because it’s what they know.

How has that single moment in time impacted the way you live your life in this moment in time?

How has it impacted your relationship with your parents?

How has it impacted your relationship with yourself and others?

How has it kept you from doing what you desire to do in your life?

Never thought of it that way?…. Most of us don’t. We go about our lives wishing things were different while internally stopping ourselves from making necessary changes so we can accomplish our desired goals without realizing there’s something we can do to free us so we can move forward and accomplish our goals and desires.

In order to move forward in life, we have to do the emotional healing work. HOW do you do that? By releasing the pent-up negative emotional garbage from a lifetime.

You might be saying, “I’ve tried therapy and it didn’t work.” The good news is that I’m not talking about therapy, or counseling. I’m not talking about having to share your story with anyone and still being able to release the emotional garbage that’s holding you back….piece by piece, moment by moment…..and turning your dreams into reality.

If you’re ready to set some honest goals and have the desire to clear the emotional obstacles that are standing in your way, contact me or schedule a session.