About AFT

Here’s my very first AFT session with Dr. Benjamin Perkus:

Here is a little background:

Dr. Benjamin Perkus had been a Psychologist in Private Practice for over 20 years and a Young Living Member for over 15 years. In studying many modalities to help people find emotional freedom, nothing has compared with the results Dr. Perkus has gotten when showing people how to use the inspired emotional blends developed by Gary Young.

For a number of years Dr. Perkus used oils to help people overcome the results of stressful memories, and this was so effective he was invited by Young Living Japan in 2011 to do a lecture tour showing people how to find emotional balance with the oils.

In 2013 he was fortunate enough to witness Gary Young teach the emotional release technique he had created that uses a “mind map,” colors, and essential oils to release emotional patterns. This was an amazing process for Dr. Perkus personally, and it advanced his appreciation of how to use oils in conjunction with intention and awareness. Dr. Perkus taught this technique a number of times to his Young Living team members as well as on his next Japan tour in 2013. In fact, Young Living Japan still uses the video from this talk to educate their members. He owes a great debt of gratitude to Gary for creating this process.

In 2016 Dr. Perkus felt that God had laid a mission upon his heart to write a book that would put the various methods he had learned about emotional balance and essential oils into a format that would be easy for people to duplicate. He felt that many people who wanted to share Young Living were looking for a way to bring emotional freedom with oils in a way they could teach and duplicate throughout their organizations. Dr. Perkus experimented with different sequences of application until he found the specific AFT process that is in his book, The Aroma Freedom Technique.

This simple 12-step process seems to work every time, usually only takes about 20 minutes, is gentle and yet profound, and leaves people feeling energized and excited about pursuing the goals and dreams that spring from their hearts.

For years Dr. Perkus had used Trauma Life oil but it had been out of stock for a long time so he had people combine Stress Away, Frankincense, and Lavender to create what he calls a “Memory Release Blend”.

Dr. Perkus called this process “The Aroma Freedom Technique” or AFT and wrote a book by that name. He introduced it to some members at the 2016 Young Living Grand Convention and also began to teach online classes so that people could feel confident in using the technique. Since June 2016 when the book came out, there have been hundreds of people trained and thousands of people impacted by AFT.

Another advantage of AFT is that there is never a need for discussion of diagnoses or treatments.

The main oils recommended for the Aroma Freedom Technique – in order of use in the process – are:

  • OPTIONAL at the beginning of the process: Clarity, Magnify Your Purpose, or Present Time
  • Frankincense, Lavender & Stress Away (combined in equal parts) OR Trauma Life blend
  • Inner Child
  • Release
  • Transformation, Believe, or Highest Potential (choose one at the end of the process)

The Aroma Freedom Technique is impacting so many lives using Young Living’s inspired blends, and we want it to impact millions more.