bridge from fear to love

The Bridge from Fear to Love

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to push a drug? Drugs are seen as the “easy button”. Take a pill or use a syringe and all your troubles go away. I’m not just talking about “illegal” drugs. You most likely do this more with prescription and/or over-the-counter drugs.

This is true because it’s much harder and it takes far more courage to find out the truth about what’s going on, and then do the work to fix it, than it is to take a pill, or injection or….whatever else you’re using to numb yourself to your current reality.

I’m truly astounded by the number of people who’d rather live in their anguish than release decades and possibly generational emotional torment….all because of fear. I have an astonishing number of conversations about how I guide my clients from fear to love with people who are amazed by it all, desire that for themselves and then find a reason why it won’t “work” for them…and they haven’t even had a taste of what it is I actually do. The inner voice sabotages them before they can even experience it.

Here are a few things to know about fear:

  • Fear is never of God. 
  • Fear keeps you trapped in the life patterns that don’t serve you. 
  • Fear keeps you from really experiencing all that life has to offer. 
  • Fear keeps you from fully understanding your own spiritually; keeping you from the complete knowledge that you are a children of a loving Father in Heaven. 
  • Fear places you exactly where the adversary wants you and needs you to be in order for him to destroy you. 
  • Fear keeps the door open to depression, anxiety, worry, doubt, jealousy, etc….because fear is their father. 

The opposite of fear is love. Here are a few things to know about love:

  • Love is where happiness, joy, excitement, and everything that is good about life lives. 
  • Love shows you the good in people, even when you’ve seen and/or experienced the bad.
  • Love multiplies everything you have.
  • Love shows you people as God sees them.
  • Love reveals what fear hid within you.
  • Love makes everything possible.

There is only one way to move from fear to love. You must do the work that takes you across the bridge of FORGIVENESS. 

Forgiveness of yourself and others is what will move you from fear to love. The former is harder to achieve and it’s worth working on. Until the bridge is crossed, you will live in the neighborhood of fear; always envious of those who live across the bridge in the city of love. Forgiveness is the most selfish thing you will ever do for yourself. Forgiveness frees you from the weight of fear.

Those who live in the city of love have fought their own demons to get there. They oftentimes return to the bridge seeking for those who are ready to cross the bridge. Sometimes something else brings them back to the bridge because there are a variety of things that can happen in our lives that can bring us back to fear and all of its relatives. The longer we live in the city of love, the easier it is to visit the bridge of forgiveness to help others without crossing back over into fear.

You see the bridge of forgiveness is not a short and easy to cross bridge. Its length and ease of passage depends upon you and what you’re willing to work on before you step onto it. The more work you’ve done on yourself to prepare for crossing the bridge the better. Some of that work you will have to do alone. Some of that work will require the support and/or understanding of others. All of that work can only be initiated by YOU. 

The only one being harmed by remaining in the neighborhood of fear is you. The longer you live there the harder it becomes to see the changes that need to be made. The easier it is to blame others for your self-created situation. 

YES! You have a choice whether or not to continue living the same patterns. You have a choice whether or not you step forward and change your future. What you haven’t been told thus far is that you choose your emotions. You choose whether or not to live with those emotions. You choose whether or not to hurt others with your emotions. You choose whether or not to love the person you see in the mirror enough to walk away from bad habits, negative patterns and toxic people/circumstances. 


When will YOU be important enough to choose to cross the bridge of forgiveness and claim all that awaits you on the other side? 

It’s yours for the taking. No one in the city of love will take it from you. Everyone in the city of love is cheering for you. Some of those who live in the city of love are people you know. They are people you admire and desire to emulate. They are ready to help you when you are ready for their help. 

Are you ready?

If you’re ready to start your journey across the bridge of forgiveness that will move you from fear to love, I’ve taken my 52 coaching sessions and created PROJECT ME: Life is a DIY Project.

I’m initially releasing each session through Amazon. Each PROJECT ME: Life is a DIY Project coaching session is available in Kindle Unlimited (for free), Kindle eBook (for $2.99), and paperback booklet (for $4.99 + shipping). I highly recommend that you get yourself a notebook or journal, a special pen, and take as long as you need before you move from one session to the next.

Make this the year that you matter to someone…

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