World Peace – be Part of the Solution

I hear so many wanting the world to be different….to be better….to be peaceful….and having no idea how to help or what to do. Far too many of us seem to feel as though the problems are so much bigger than ourselves that we can’t possible help change things with the little things we are capable of doing within our own communities.

I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. You see while you can only change yourself and how you behave, respond and interact with others, once you do make those changes, it forces those around you to change or leave.

What if the changes you made within yourself held the key to changing the world for the better?

You see, as you make small shifts within yourself, your subconscious mind goes to work making big shifts around you. YOU create the world you experience. Seem far fetched? Ever heard of the Law of Attraction? How about the Law of Creation? How about the Law of Tithing? These are universal laws that even God is bound by.

YOU attract into your life what you think about and/or concentrate on. So, when you wake in the morning and the first thing you say to yourself is, “Ugh, it’s gonna be an awful day!” You’re right. It will be an awful day because you just told your subconscious mind to create it. What would happen if you woke and said, “WOW, I feel GREAT! Today is going to be awesome!”? EXACTLY!…..your day will be awesome.

Far too many of us are walking through life wanting something different while concentrating on what we have (or don’t have). To change your life you MUST change your thinking.

The same holds true when it comes to world peace.

Meditations are a great way to help change the way you think. They are also a great way to send out your intentions for the day, others and the world so your subconscious can go to work on making those changes.

Here’s a World Peace Meditation for you to do daily. Feel free to share it with your friends and family. The more people we have doing this meditation daily the more we will move the world toward peace daily.

World Peace Meditation

Get in a nice comfortable position –  either lying down or sitting in your favorite chair – and let’s join our energies together now for peace and love, for all people, all nations, everywhere. Uncross your legs and your arms, so as to allow the positive energy to flow freely and easily.

Command your body to remain perfectly still and focus only on your breathing for now…

breathing very slowly and deeply…

inhaling very slowly and deeply…

exhaling just as slowly and deeply, as if you were in slow motion movie on a screen…

and just picture or imagine or think about yourself inhaling a thin stream of beautiful golden light, as you allow this beautiful golden stream of light to flow freely and without any restriction whatsoever, throughout your mind and your body, into every single cell, like a spotlight illuminating every square inch of your mind and your body; bringing with it love and peace into your heart for the entire world – all nations, all religions, all people everywhere.

Picture or imagine or think about this light of peace and love descending on our planet and singing from everyone’s heart, clearing our planet of all the negative forces it has accumulated over the centuries. Picture these negative forces – this karma – as a dense, black fog slowly being burned away by this shining light of love and peace. You can actually feel the warming rays of love and enlightenment emanating from this enormous pool of light that replaces layers of darkness and evil, penetrating the hearts, the minds, and the souls of all people, everywhere.

Imagine or think about the fields of joyous children laughing and singing as they welcome peace and love. Listen to the songs of people everywhere, in all languages as they welcome peace and love.

Create an image of people with conflicting racial and ethnic backgrounds, who are now embracing one another.

Create other similar images such as a Baptist embracing a Buddhist, a communist embracing a capitalist. Imagine yourself helping other people to accept each other’s differences.

Imagine or think about people lovingly meditating or praying for peace on earth just as we’re doing now…perhaps a group of Jews praying in a synagogue or a simple peasant girl praying in a small field. It’s unimportant what religion is being expressed…what’s important is that everyone, everywhere are spiritually active and connected in a bright circle of golden light encircling our entire planet. Allow this vision to become a reality. (pause here…)

Suddenly your awareness jumps to a higher level and you can see beyond the fears and limitations of the world. You can also sense a smooth transition from the old, materialistic worldview to the new, spiritual one where the best of the older traditions are recognized and integrated into this new world before you now. Here the ethics of human society is maintained and at the same time each person is liberated, and immediately transformed into a spiritual direction that descends down into the world, beginning a whole new era of peace and utopia.

You can see the “big positive picture” now….where human history is intended to go from here. We know that we can achieve this and move forward to fulfill our human destiny. Sense, feel…the serenity, the harmony, the peace that can be achieved as we learn to respect and tolerate other cultures and beliefs on our planet…loving they neighbor as thyself. Let us all direct this meditation, these thoughts, this energy, into the universe. (pause…)

And now, allow this energy to flow back into yourself to resolve personal issues in your life or in the life of your loved ones. Allow yourself to receive healing, positive energy, direction, or anything else you may need from this stream of beautiful golden light, emanating from the love of God through each and every one of us NOW! (pause….)

The vision is fading slowly now but you have a clear picture of world peace in your mind’s eye, as you slowly and gently come back to a peaceful and relaxed state…fully confident and encouraged by what you have seen and felt.

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