This Image is Insulting to my Intelligence…

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Images like this one are insulting to my intelligence and the intelligence of every single fat person on the planet.
Images like this one continue to reinforce the lie that food makes you fat. FOOD IS FUEL. Food is required by the body. The body honestly doesn’t care what form of fuel you give it. It only cares THAT you give it fuel. So, if you’ve been super busy, haven’t eaten since your feet hit the floor and it’s noon but you don’t have access to “the right kind of food” it’s okay to enjoy a burger and fries or a candy bar or whatever you’d like to ENJOY. You can eat something “healthier” later, if you’d like.
WHY?…..because food is fuel. You know you cannot travel a long distance in your car without giving it enough fuel and your body really isn’t much different. The biggest difference is that your body is able to make adjustments so it can function on less fuel. This is something your car can’t do. The human body is so much more complicated than this image would lead you to believe.
Fat people are not stupid. If you’d spend time listening to our story and learning exactly how much we DO know, you’d be astounded by the fact that we are fat. We have worked very hard to follow the “rules” but the truth is that the “rules” we’ve been taught are actually part of the problem. Those “dieting rules” have now been scientifically proven to lead to disordered eating. In other words, dieting IS an eating disorder BECAUSE it creates disordered eating. We have got to STOP the food fight!
You see I zoomed in on this image and the foods in the bottom picture ARE NOT the only foods that anyone should be eating. You honestly CAN avoid grains and all foods associated with them if you’d like. You won’t die by doing so. AND fat and protein are vital to your health. I don’t see much of either in this image.
There are four macronutrients. These four macronutrients MUST be part of your fuel intake in some combination in order for your body to function optimally. These four macronutrients are:
  • Carbohydrates (fruits and vegetables)
  • Protein (animal AND plant sources)
  • Fat (think along the lines of fatty meats, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, fatty fruits (avocado), nuts, etc)
  • Water

I know I’ll have some people stop by and try to convince me that grains are vital for our survival and that’s fine. They are not vital to our survival and I will not argue with you on that point. We do consume them in the wrong proportion and form, which is part of the problem as is telling someone that all they have to do is consume grains, fruits and vegetables and they’ll lose weight. It’s honestly not that simple. I know everyone thinks that it is, however the body is far more complex AND there’s a mental and emotional element here. A kind of reprogramming that has to be done too.

If one chooses to eat according to this image – high carbohydrate, low protein, low fat – one will have cravings for……protein and fat. I can guarantee that. The human body is THE ONLY one that knows exactly what it needs, when it needs it, and how much of it is needed. THIS INCLUDES CALORIES.

For example: I don’t particularly care for animal protein. I don’t eat it most of the time. Every now and then it’s all I want so it’s all I eat.

It’s AMAZING how incredible the human body really is. There’s no need to count calories. The body knows how many calories it needs based on YOUR level of movement (aka activity). So there’s no need to increase your level of movement AND restrict your calories. When you do this, you’re making things worse. Most of us people “of size” really only need to increase our level of movement, which will happen when we respond to our body’s fuel need signals and eat.

I believe it’s also important to take the time here to talk about the foods in the top of this image. We must stop referring to them as “junk” food. They are actually PLAY foods. There’s nothing wrong with play foods. It’s important to enjoy play time. Eating is a social event. Social events are to be enjoyed.

Some will read this and tell me that the body “needs” only healthy foods full of vital nutrients. That’s not entirely true. While, yes, vital nutrients are important to the body, focusing on only consuming “healthy” foods while working to heal from years of food misinformation is counter productive. You will get there and I promise you that enjoying a candy bar every now and then (or even daily) is not going to kill you tomorrow. It’s a very small part of a very big picture.

This image also reminds me that I have an opportunity to guide people to the truth and it’s SO MUCH FUN to guide people to the truth! When I start working with someone new, there’s always skepticism AND hope. Far too many of us have been locked inside the vault of misinformation for DECADES. It’s time to open that vault, Break ALL the Dieting Rules and get this done once and for all.

It won’t be easy. It will take time. It is worth every single minute. I know because I’ve been on this path since 2013 and I’m so much healthier – mentally and emotionally – than I was when I started. I am coming out of the fog, enjoying mealtime again, and on my way to wellness. Make this the year that you STOP the food fight! Break all the dieting rules and repair your relationship with food and yourself.


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