If I hear one more person demonize calories I’M GONNA SCREAM!!

This post is way past due. I’m so frustrated I am honestly about to SCREAM!!

I hear it every single day. I also read it somewhere EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! “I’m doing all I can to get as many calories out of my diet as possible but I’m still fat.”

We have been so incredibly programmed that we don’t even understand WHAT a calorie is or what it does for the body and we are doing everything we can to remove as many of them as possible from our day and it’s killing us.


Want to know how to make someone fat? Tell them to eat fewer calories. Tell them to eat fewer calories AND move more because then the body will be forced to “tap into” the fat stores you’ve got hanging off your butt, tummy, arms, thighs, neck, etc…..

IT DOES NOT WORK THIS WAY! The moment you fail to give your body the calories it needs, it goes into fat storage mode. ENERGY STORING MODE! 


Calories are REQUIRED by the body because calories are FUEL for the body. The human body is seeking, needing, desperately doing everything it can to get you to consume MORE calories and you think you’re smarter than your body. You actually believe that you control the caloric needs of your body. I used to believe the same thing and then I learned how the body works.

We have been taught by “experts” that fat people are fat because they eat too much. We want so much to believe the “experts” that we tell ourselves that we must have forgotten about something we ate because we can’t possibly be eating 1200 calories (or less) and still be fat….or worse….gaining weight. I mean, the “experts” have told us for decades that all fat people need to do is eat less and move more. Our society has been taught that we are fat because we overeat.

I know for a fact that I am fat because I UNDER eat. I know for a fact that I am fat BECAUSE of dieting. I know for a fact that the body and the body alone knows how many calories it needs in order to function optimally. The body – MY BODY, YOUR BODY, EVERYONE’S BODY – knows how many calories are needed to complete 100% of it’s jobs – a.k.a. processes. The body knows how many calories it needs to think, to breathe, to talk, to fight, to watch television, to play sports, to play with kids, to clean the house, to make love, to laugh, to cry, to sleep, to dream, to live life to the fullest and with JOY! I have no business getting in it’s way. Dieting and excessive exercise gets in the body’s way.

STOP restricting calories. AGAIN – calories are fuel for your body. They are a source of ENERGY. I never hear anyone talk about trying to drive 500 miles with enough fuel to get them 250 miles. You probably read that and said, “DUH!” YOUR BODY IS YOUR TRANSPORTATION. It needs fuel so it can get you from point A to point B without passing out on you. Hunger pangs are not your only “fuel need” signal. Other signals that your body gives you when it needs food (CALORIES) include:

  • Foggy brain
  • Fatigue
  • Easy to anger
  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • feeling dizzy or lightheaded
  • laziness
  • lack of desire to do anything (including have sex)
  • hormone imbalances
  • emotional instability
  • headaches and/or migraines
  • and the list goes on and on….

BREAK the dieting rules. Today….RIGHT NOW….if you’re hungry, go eat. I don’t care what you eat. Eat whatever you’re drawn to. Enjoy a candy bar. Go have your favorite cookies. Inhale that greasy burger. JUST EAT. Let your body know that you have access to food. Let your body know that you are no longer going to ignore it. You are going to FEED it. Don’t worry about whether or not what you’re choosing to eat is “healthy” or not. JUST EAT. Make peace with food. Remind yourself that food is not the enemy. Food is required for survival.

EAT whatever you want when you are hungry. When you begin breaking the dieting rules that have become part of you, your desire will be to eat every single food item that you have been denying yourself because “the diet didn’t allow it” and this is normal. There’s nothing wrong with that. You need to feed yourself. Throw caution to the wind and eat. There are no rules right now. In time you’ll seek out the healthier options, I promise. I also promise that the Great Creator never intended for it to be this hard to feed the body. Human beings have made this far more complicated that it was ever designed to be.

ENJOY what you choose to eat. Science is showing that our emotional state as we eat plays a role in our weight. This means that even a salad become “bad” for you when you eat solely because “it’s all I can have because I’m on a diet.” If you don’t enjoy salad, then don’t eat salad. It’s not important right now. What IS important is that you find pleasure and satisfaction and JOY in your meal. Enjoy every single bite. Take time to really taste it instead of just getting through it.

LOVE yourself by taking care of yourself. Eating is part of taking care of yourself. Going into the kitchen a bizzillion times to fix meals and snacks for the kids while denying yourself food IS NOT taking care of yourself. It’s what leads to binge eating and the only way to stop the inevitable dive into the cookie jar is to feed yourself. Eat every single time that you feed the kids.

STOP distracting yourself. When your body gives you a hunger signal, STOP what you’re doing and GO EAT! You’ll discover that your better able to complete the task at hand once your mind and body have the fuel they need. Your level of concentration will improve and you’ll be more productive.

REDISCOVER how joyful life is. This life that we are living was designed to be filled with joy. Don’t suck the joy out of your life simply because “that’s how to get into the skinny jeans.” IT’S NOT HOW TO GET INTO THE SKINNY JEANS!

NATURALLY move more. Most of us who are fat don’t move much. It’s hard to get moving so don’t think that you’re going to be able to go for a 30-minute walk right off the bat. Some of us will have to first move more by walking around the inside of our homes first. We first have to get back into cleaning our homes, which provides a great workout.

The bottomline is this….if what you want to eat contains the macronutrients – protein, carbohydrates and fat – then enjoy it. The macronutrients are REQUIRED for optimal health. ALL OF THEM! If what  you want to eat doesn’t contain all of the macronutrients, then enjoy the playtime. I refer to these foods as “play foods” not junk food. They may not provide the body with “optimal” nutrition but they do provide you with some emotional enjoyment and that’s important to wellness too.

Go eat….fuel your body so it has what it needs to take you the full distance today!

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