The Truth About Wellness and Dieting

WELLNESSDid you know research is showing that weight has little to do with wellness? This means that we’ve been focusing on the wrong thing. It is part of the bigger wellness picture…’s just one small piece.
Science is showing that fat people live longer, healthier lives than thin people UNTIL they lose and regain weight by dieting.
Because of BMI charts we have a group of people dieting who wouldn’t have started down this slipper slope on their own. The numbers used to develop the chart were given to the World Health Organization by another organization that included TWO pharmaceutical companies with brand new weight loss drugs to introduce to the market. The information is worse in regards to BMI numbers for kids. Those numbers are based in fiction. THAT’S RIGHT! The numbers found on the BMI charts for children were pulled out of thin air….based on NOTHING.
Dieting has CREATED the couch potato. Yes, I am bold enough to make that statement. The number of clients I’ve spoken to who don’t eat vegetables because they’re “not on a diet” would make you want to pull your hair out. I hear the same thing when it comes to movement. “I don’t move more (exercise) because I’m not trying to lose weight.”
Now let’s talk a bit about the human body and calories…There’s an equation you can do that tells you what your basal metabolic rate is. Basal metabolic rate is how many calories your body needs to SLEEP. When this equation is completed by most people and then they look at how many calories is being recommended to them in order to lose weight they discover that they won’t be eating enough to support their body through sleep. AND THEN when it is explained to them how the body REALLY works, the light bulb goes off and they begin to understand why DIETS DON’T WORK and why shifting from a weight loss mindset to a WELLNESS mindset is vital to one’s well being.
WELLNESS is far more than what the scale says. The moment we begin to diet we set off a series of biological and psychological chain of events that throws the body into energy (fat) storing mode. The only way to reverse this is to STOP DIETING and fix the relationship with food, movement and self.
The human body determines its own healthy weight so we don’t need to “pick a number.” The body also knows exactly how many calories it needs so telling it how many calories it needs is futile and trying to control something we don’t have control over. Our job is only to respond to hunger (fuel need) signs by FEEDING (fueling) the body. When we fail to respond to hunger with fuel, we interfere with the body’s only goal, which is to survive. Interfering with this goal sets off all sorts of built in defense mechanisms; including hormone imbalance and non-essential system shut down….like the reproductive system.
The first step to fixing the relationship with food is to reject dieting and all the mental games that go with it. There is no magic pill or powder. There’s only hard work ahead. Next, is to begin to eat whenever you’re hungry. This will mean eating whatever you want as well as eating as much of it as will be necessary to satisfy your hunger. Many find the most challenging part to be arguing with the internal dieter (food police) who now knows all the dieting rules and is happy to restate them over and over and over again as you enjoy your cookies and milk. Challenge the internal dieter or food police. Food is fuel plain and simple. You don’t fill your gas tank halfway and then expect to travel the full distance of a full tank so WHY do we do that to the body? The difference between a car and your body is that your body will make small and sometimes big adjustments internally so it can attempt to function on fewer calories. Why? Because it’s goal is to survive and you are insisting on living your life despite the fact that you aren’t providing enough fuel.
In order to fix your relationship with movement, you must understand that movement is good for the body. Increasing your daily movement doesn’t have to mean buying a treadmill or joining a gym. It can be as simple as cleaning your house. I highly recommend becoming a T-Tapp and returning your body to full strength without buying a single piece of exercise equipment or even working out longer than 15-minutes. The body’s caloric needs are based upon your level of activity AND how much muscle mass you have. Increasing your level of activity and reducing your fuel intake will only force your body to hold onto the already stored energy AND store more. You MUST give the body all the fuel it asks for AND become more naturally active.
Self care is how you fix your relationship with you. Self care includes taking a shower, doing your hair/makeup, getting dressed, as well as having your hair done at the salon or barber shop, manicure, massage, reading, getting plenty of sleep, etc. Check out this self care assessment form to see how well you are currently taking care of yourself and then make plans to do better. None of us can properly love and care for others until we are loving and caring for ourselves.

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