MOVEMENT – ONE Piece of the Puzzle

My very first periscope is about movement instead of exercise. I don’t recommend that anyone “exercise” because there is so much misinformation surrounding this word. I know far too many people who become terrified and tense whenever the word is mentioned.

The current view of society is that we all must exercise for 2 or more hours every single day. This brings anxiety and stress into many lives as they try to figure out how in the world they are going to fit that many hours into their already busy days. Many people have accepted that they will simply be fat forever because they don’t have “extra” time to exercise.

The good news is that becoming more active does not have to mean spending 2 or more concentrated hours on the treadmill or in some other form of exercise. Instead, simple MOVE MORE. Sitting and watching television can include more movement by taking time during the commercial breaks to WALK. Or, even better, would be to choose to move more instead of sitting idle and being sucked into, what my mom calls, the idiot box. We spend too much time sitting in idle and it’s ruining the engine of our finely tuned body.

Enjoy the periscope and let me know how to make it better.

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