Re-Discover the Satisfaction Factor

IE Coaching Wheel - SatisfactionThe biggest reason that diets don’t work is that they are designed to leave you feeling deprived and therefore dissatisfied with your food options. Let’s face it, the first thing that most of us do when we start to read the newest diet book is skip back to look at the suggested meal plan. Oh, the number of times I’ve thought to myself, “I don’t buy any of those foods. No one in my family will even want any of those foods.” I tried the diet anyway and never made it to the store to buy the food because it was unrealistic to my lifestyle.

In order for anything to “work” it must not require that you change A LOT about your life. The best way to get a mom to stop any diet is have her either preparing two different meals OR listening to kids whining about what she’s changed in the family menu. If the ENTIRE family can’t join her then it’s not going to work. She also should have to complete toss out the familiar family favorites in exchange for different recipes. Learning how to make small adjustments in your current family favorites will help keep the familiar flavors in your life AND positively impact the health of all family members.

Satisfaction MUST be part of the wellness journey or you’ll give up before you’ve even begun. If you get into a rut and discover that you just aren’t satisfied with what you’re doing, stop and regroup. Make sure that you haven’t fallen back into old patterns. It’s okay if you did because it’s part of the process just make a small course correction and get back on track. I’m always here to help so never hesitate to contact me for support.

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