Intuitive Eating and Your Emotions

IE Coaching Wheel - SatisfactionReconnecting with your Intuitive Eater is a journey toward satisfaction. Every principle taught has satisfaction naturally built into it. The way we deal with our emotions is no different.

Including food with our emotions is a message we’ve all been receiving for many decades. It’s how marketing companies get you to buy stuff. Sadly, in most cases, it’s stuff you don’t even really want to own. It’s also how parents – myself included – soothe tender hearts with scraped up knees. We’ve got to make changes because if we don’t we will not be setting up the next generation for health and wellness.

The sad fact is that the next generation is already being effected so turning the wheel now is past imperative. We have far too many little ones already on their way to diabetes and they’re not even 5 years old. Here’s how we can make a significant change – change the way we reward and soothe ourselves as adults. In other words, set the example.

HOW?? I know you’ve got that question and you may even be starting to feel overwhelmed and wondering where the bag of cookies is hidden but WAIT and hear me out. Food will not fix the emotions. Food does not fix a scraped up knee and it certainly won’t make the person who made “fat” jokes feel sorry. Using food to soothe emotions is harmful and unhealthy. Let’s look for healthy ways to deal with our emotions, whether positive or negative.

How many times have you rewarded yourself with your favorite dessert when you’ve reached a weight loss milestone? Or when you “made a mistake” while working so hard to “follow the rules” of the latest diet? How did you feel afterwards? I’ve been there; done that and it’s time to stop it for good. I’ve learned a technique that helps me deal with emotions in a positive way that doesn’t include food. This is VERY powerful and leaves me feeling satisfied AND taken care of. It’s simple and FREE to learn. It’s one of my favorites and one that I teach all of my clients (and all of my children) about because it’s so super simple and can be done anywhere. This technique is known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and is also known as tapping.

I was taught about EFT at least a decade ago and put it to work within my own life. I still have things to work on and EFT has made it super simple to get rid of the negative emotional charge that was holding me back in a number of areas ~ including my health. It’s challenging to take care of yourself when you don’t value yourself. Then comes the question, “How can I take care of others if I can’t (or won’t) even take care of myself?” All too often we feel unworthy of what Heavenly Father has in store for us. We’re told in the scriptures to, “Love thy neighbor as thyself” and then we feel bad when we aren’t able to give love to our neighbor. It was when I realized that I didn’t love myself and therefore couldn’t give love to others that things began to change because I changed myself first. The key with this scripture is that we must first love ourself.

You can learn the basic steps to EFT and find an EFT practitioner by going to This is so powerful that when we lived in Mexico (from 2012 to 2014), I taught it to one of our sons. He’d been bullied to the point that he didn’t want to go back to school. I explained that we can’t run away from people like this and then I taught him EFT. I notified the school about the situation and explained that I had taught him EFT so they would understand what he was doing should they see him tapping. The faculty member who received my email took the process through their own mediation with both children present AND learned more about EFT. She has now taught EFT to all faculty and staff at the school. She shared how it has given them a tool they can teach to the children. The parents are all impressed with how well EFT works and many families are now using it in their own homes.

Believe it or not, giving yourself unhealthy food when you’re upset, sad, bored, angry, etc isn’t loving yourself. It’s actually sabotaging yourself on all levels. Using EFT and destroying the emotional charge will be the best thing you ever did for yourself on this journey.

The nutrients received by our body throughout the day impacts our emotional state more than most of us know. I see this over and over again with breastfeeding moms who tell me they are quick to anger when they breastfeed. They think that it is because they are breastfeeding but the truth is that it’s because they are breastfeeding and not feeding themselves a healthful meal too. We cannot take from our body and not put back what we have taken. When the body has all that it needs it is satisfied and will not ask for more than that. The body is seeking far more than what everyone is counting, measuring, weighing, etc., which is why dieting doesn’t work.

What I know to be true is this….if any of us is ever to experience a complete reconnection with our intuitive eater we MUST conquer the way we respond to emotional upsets. As we, the adults, learn healthier ways to handle emotions, we can teach our children and set them up for a healthier adult life. The only person who can change you is you. I am here to help along the way with personalized guidance. Contact me if you’d like to talk further.

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