Make Peace with Food

Food is not the enemy. Food is not why you’re experiencing “weight issues” and food is not the reason you are fat. Yes, I said fat. Eating food did not get you where you are today. Listening to the lies about food and following all the “rules” is what brought you to this moment in time. Your journey to this point has been plagued with bad information. So much bad information that it’s left you wondering exactly what you CAN eat. Let’s face it, if we were to follow 100% of the food advice available to us there are no foods that can be eaten. So, it’s time to make peace with food.

How? Begin to eat. I challenge you to sit down with your favorite “no-no” food and take a bite. Don’t eat it quickly. Don’t eat it in the dark. Don’t eat it while feeling shame or guilt. Don’t eat it while hiding from the world. Instead, sit in a well-lit room where you feel comfortable and loved. Take one bite and enjoy every moment of that single bite. What does your favorite “no-no” food taste like? I mean, what does it REALLY taste like? Is it sweet? Is it salty? Is it high in fat? Is it satisfying? Is it “healthy” or is it “play” food? Does it make you thirsty? Does this one bite make you want more? Do you honestly like this food?

You will notice that the little voice in your head is reminding you about the “rules”…ignore that little voice. Until you make peace with food, your favorite “no-no” foods will haunt you. You will see them and want them and eventually binge on them. You will feel guilty, shameful, and like a failure but you are not a failure and there is nothing to feel guilty or ashamed of. Other people eat these foods and find pleasure in these foods. There is nothing wrong with that. It is okay to want – and to have – these foods in your life. Pleasure while eating is important.

You might discover that you don’t actually like this food item. That’s okay. You are now no longer attached to it; wanting it with every fiber of your being. You are FREE to move forward. Pick another food item on your “no-no” list and do the same thing with it. Make peace with it. Discover it. What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it? Create a new list. Create a new list of favorite PLAY food. Food that you now know you enjoy and would like to have on occasion. Give yourself permission to enjoy food. Remember that food is fuel. The needs food. Food is not the enemy. Break through the rules and discover for yourself what it feels like to be connected with your intuitive eater.

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