Step 4 ~ Be Compassionate Toward Yourself

It is so easy to get “sucked” back into the dieting mindset, especially when so many are sharing their seemingly euphoric stories about weight “melting away” because of their latest diet choice. In the book INTUITIVE EATING, the authors share:

“But this pull is more than just aesthetics. In her book, The Religion of Thinness, Harvard-trained theologian and scholar, Michelle M. Lelwica makes a compelling argument about how the endless pursuit of thinness, through dieting, fulfills a spiritual hunger. The pursuit of dieting serves as an “ultimate purpose” by:

  • Providing a set of myths to believe regarding the “rewards” of thinness.
  • Offering rituals to organize the daily lives of women.
  • Creating a moral code of which to live and eat by.
  • Creating a common bond and a community for women.

“When you consider these covert “benefits” of dieting, no wonder you can get seduced by the “rewards” of dieting. Don’t beat yourself up for entertaining fantasies of trying one more diet or just wanting to diet. It takes a while to let go of this desire, even when you intellectually understand that the pursuit of dieting is truly futile.”

The tools used by the Intuitive Eater are all internal cues. Intuitive eaters do not use outside forces that tell them what, when, and how much to eat. Instead, the Intuitive Eater acquires and understand their internal cues. To return to Intuitive Eating we need a new set of “power tools” or rather empowerment tools, which will be discussed as we progress in this process.

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