Water – what’s the big deal anyway?

I seem to be having a lot of conversations about this calorie free liquid and thought I’d put everything here for all to read.

Why is water so important to the body? After all, it has no taste, no calories, no nothing. Most people will actually complain that they don’t like the “taste” of water but, again, it has no taste (or at least good, clean water should have no taste). So, if it has no taste, no calories, no nothing then does the body really NEED water?

YES – the body NEEDS water and more than you’ve been led to believe. Water is to the body what oil is to a car engine….ever tried to go without oil in the car? If you have then you know doing so will destroy the engine completely which is very costly. Oil lubricates the moving parts of the car. No, I’m not a mechanic but I do know a little about cars – enough to know that the oil needs to be changed regularly and checked often in order for the vehicle to run well. Water does for the body what oil does for an engine. It lubricates the joints AND SO MUCH MORE.

Did you know that water is the body’s best pain reliever? Achy joints may need water for proper lubrication. Water is the best thing for a laboring woman. Water helps the brain focus and function at peak levels. Water is necessary to sustain life. You can go without water for a short time before death – you can’t say that about soda pop – but do you know how much water your body needs every day?

Most people think it’s 8-ounces eight to ten times daily. That’s 64 to 80 ounces – that’s perfect if you weigh 128 to 160 pounds, which means (by looking at the current obesity rate in America) that 64 to 80 ounces is only the beginning for most of us.

One of the services I offer is natural childbirth classes. In my classes I encourage my students to drink half their weight in ounces of water daily. I emphasize WATER. This does not mean “fluids” as many would have you believe. This is the same recommendation I make to everyone with whom I speak. Now this amount will increase in times of extreme heat or cold, when in air conditioning or when using the furnace, in times of high activity or when one has done a lot of sweating. This also means that if you drink tea, soda, or any other beverage, it’s best to follow it with the same amount of water – Why?

Because your body will use water when processing everything else you’ve eaten or drank. Water is used for every process of the body. Case in point, the other day I went outside to work in the yard with my kids. I did A LOT of sweating AND a lot of drinking of water but it wasn’t enough to keep my body from rebelling by bringing on the biggest headache I’d experienced in a very long time. I drank about a gallon of water before my headache started to diminish. I also added salt to my water to replace the sodium I had lost while sweating.

Many have complained about getting a headache when they remove all other beverages from their daily routine and have blamed water for the headache. The fact is that it’s best to wean to the body off of “bad-for-your-body” beverages like soda pop and alcohol while increasing the amount of water you are drinking. Your body will go into a type of detox while it eliminates the chemicals and other ingredients not necessary to life that are floating around in your blood stream. This may bring on a headache. Most will refer to this as a withdrawal headache but I think it’s more of a detox headache. The more water one takes in during the transition to drinking mostly water the more easily the body can dump toxins into the kidneys and liver for elimination (which requires water to work properly).

Now drinking more water will also result in more bathroom visits. I hear this complaint A LOT and usually respond with “GREAT your kidneys are working!” This increase in bathroom visits is because your body now has the water it needs to dump toxic waste for elimination from the body. Continue to drink the amount of water your body needs, eliminate when it tells you to (no potty dancing like a three-year-old) and you will notice that not only will you feel better over time but the bathroom visits will also space out.

A GREAT website I highly recommend that everyone visit is www.WaterCure.com – you’ll be amazed what you learn there about how well your body functions when it’s getting the water it needs!

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