Are You Listening?

When I talk with my clients about their health goals many use words like fatigue, foggy brain, worn out, achy, tired, exhausted, sore, etc. Perhaps you can relate to those words and I’m certain that you can add your own words to the list. My question for you is this…..ARE YOU LISTENING?

All of these words are how you describe what the body is saying to you. Have you been listening? Are you working on figuring out what your body is trying to tell you or are you among the millions who will simply “live with it”?

Please don’t try to “live with it”! Listen instead and work with your body to make the necessary changes so you can use these words instead – vibrant, healthy, alive, strong, lean, etc…

Today’s challenge is this…..sit in silence and listen — what do you hear your body saying? Write it down — all of it!

Feel free to send your list to me – or post it in the comment section — let’s figure out together what your body is telling you. Together we can create a plan that will help you listen and adjust your living accordingly.

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