Remove Your Invisibility Cloak and SHINE!

Do you feel invisible?

Do you have to yell in order to be heard in your home, family, community?

Do others leave you feeling unimportant and unheard?

Do you feel stuck in a corner, in the dark, in the kitchen, in society’s idea of who women “should” be?

Do you feel the rise of women and womanhood happening in the world and yearn to discover what role you are to play in it all?

Are you ready to find your voice and remove YOUR invisibility cloak?

If so, you’re in the right place!

Angie has been where you are. Her eyes have been opened and her voice has been added to the increasing number of women speaking up and forcing their voice to be heard.

Angie works with a variety of women who are ready to speak their truth, release negative garbage left behind by a variety of traumatic events. She knows that just because you don’t meet the clinical definition of PTSD doesn’t mean you’re not traumatized and in need of healing.

Angie hears you!

She’s been you in one way or another. She’s ready to walk with you along your journey. She’ll go with you into the darkness and show you the light regardless of how minuscule that light might be.

As a midwife, Angie is VERY aware of how women have been treated for far too long during the most significant event they will ever experience in their life….in most cases, multiple times. She’s also fully aware that all the trauma you’ve experienced over your lifetime is magnified by the traumas experienced by all the women who came before you in your family line because their trauma lives WITH your trauma in every cell of your body. Angie knows this plays a role in ALL areas of your life.

It’s time to remove YOUR invisibility cloak and SHINE!! Check out the website, reach out to Angie for a session or contact her with your questions.

(GO HERE to read about Angie’s journey.)